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Tap into your sensuality

Connect with your body

Take up the space you deserve

JOSHUA TREE, CA OCTOBER 19th-23rd 2023

a 3 day immersive experience designed for those looking to tap into their sensuality, connect with their body, and access more confidence.


If you're ready to finally connect with your body, rediscover your sensual self, and let go of all the bullshit thats holding you back from being the most confident version of yourself... You're in the right place.

In our culture it’s almost impossible to maintain connection with our bodies at all times. It’s not necessarily practical to live in our world and be in a constant state of embodiment, so disconnection from our bodies is inevitable.

Sensuality is one of the most powerful embodiment tools we possess. It brings us home to our bodies. When cut off from our sensuality we become disconnected from not only our bodies, but ultimately from our true nature.

This disconnection is holding us back from stepping into our most confident, radiant, and authentic version of ourselves.

Our true selves.

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Invoke is a holistic & practical approach to reconnecting with your body through self exploration, embodiment work, and sensual movement.

This is a 3-day/4-night immersive weekend designed to help you forge a deeper connection with your body through sensuality and embodiment exercises. Throughout this experience, we will endeavor to challenge and redefine the limiting beliefs our culture promotes about our bodies and our worth. With the tools and practices we'll use together, you can begin to discover the confidence and connection to your body that you've been craving

In Invoke, you will be given practical tools to:

-Learn to be present in your body

-Decondition shame around your body & sexuality

-Find ways to accept yourself

-Tap into more confidence

While I deeply value transparency and honesty, I also love a little mystery. So I prefer not to share all of the juicy details of the weekend to the public- those are for everyone who signs up. So I wont be sharing the complete itinerary for the weekend publicly.

But, here's a little bit of what you can expect:

-Daily workshops/discussions around deliberately curated topics

-Intentional & expansive exercises related to daily topics

-Partner work meant to help you feel seen

-Journal prompts for reflection throughout

-Group exercises & challenges designed to help you develop self acceptance & confidence

One of my biggest hopes and inentions for this experience is for everyone to be as open and vulnerable as possible- this will be important to get the most out of the experience. I know being vulnerable is scary, but thats often times where the most expansion comes from. So im looking for people who are ready to commit to being vulnerable with me. Community is also another big focus of the weekend, I aim to facilitate deep connection between everyone so you can leave feeling sufficiently supported and seen.

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Taylor has been in the realm of sensuality and embodiment for over 10 years. She started her work as a boudoir photographer because she felt the deep yearning to help others feel beautiful in their bodies. She discovered sensual movement 6 years ago and has been a stripper for 4 years. With her knowledge and understanding of the transformative power of sensuality, she has been using it as a tool to help individuals deepen their connection to their bodies and discover their inner confidence. Taylor is passionate about helping others access more confidence because she has worked so hard to step into hers.

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Ive spent the majority of my life disconnected from my body & sensuality. I used to feel uncomfortable in my body & lacked the confidence I deeply craved. I hated being in the spotlight & the thought of people watching me made my skin crawl. I never felt worthy of being noticed or taking up space in life.

Finding sensual movement helped me develop a deeper relationship with myself, my body, & my sense of self worth. It also has taught me how to be present in my body instead of living outside of it. Ultimately it invoked a more confident version of myself who now feels worthy of taking up space & being seen. Fast forward to present, I now frequently perform in front of audiences & embody the confident & sensual version of myself I always wanted to. Because now its who I am.

I've been to a lot of retreats, some I liked & some I... haven't. So I've created the experience of my dreams (one I wish existed when I was doing this work on my own) & used my personal journey as inspiration. My goal is to offer you all of the most impactful tools that have helped me along my journey in a practical and efficient way. These two things are important to me-No fluff or bullshit buzzwords (if you know you know)- real tools you can take home with you and implement on your own. & overall, to help you invoke your inner confidence that’s in there waiting to be accessed.


Located in the vast and expansive Joshua Tree desert, our Airbnb is secluded yet completely exposed at the same time. I specifically chose Joshua Tree because the desert invokes a certain level of vulnerability that I want us to tap into. It was important to me for the location to support the intention of the experience- I want everyone to feel safe and supported to be vulnerable enough to let go what is holding you back.

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Where my high maintenance sleepers at? (I get it) Come claim your room! This will be the only private room available. Equipped with its own ensuite bathroom you'll have all the privacy you need. It also has its own entrance to the back patio.




If you don't mind sharing a room but still prefer a little more space- this option is for a king bed shared with one other person (book w/ a friend if desired!). Shared bathroom with myself & my assistant plus access to communal bathroom.



Looking for the most cost effective option? I love me a good communal sleeping situation, This room consists of 2 bunk beds & 1 trundle bed that pulls out so you can put it anywhere. First come first served. 5 people total in this room & shared bathroom.



greek mythology

-3 fully immersive days

-Daily workshops & discussions

-Solo, group, & partner exercises

-4 nights of lodging

-All food & drinks

-DIY breakfasts & lunch. Dinner made nightly (all vegan/vegetarian)

-A 1:1 call with me

-Access to an online community for support

-A few additional gifts and surprises along the way


1:1 meetings with me for additional support post experience


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INVOKE is for you if:

-You're ready to tap into your sensuality

- You're eager & open to try new things

-You feel disconnected from your body

-You're prepared to challenge yourself & be vulnerable

-You're looking for meaningful connections with new people

-You're willing to commit to the process

-You're ready to challenge limiting beliefs

-You're ready to embody your sensual self in a supportive setting

-You want to feel more confident

INVOKE is not for you if:

-You don't feel ready to step outside of your comfort zone

-You aren't interested in purposeful interactions with new people

-You dont feel safe being vulnerable

-You aren't willing to take the process seriously

-You have active & deep trauma with your body & don't currently have support for it

- You're looking for a retreat centered around R&R (although there will be time for relaxation)

-You dont care to use sensuality as a tool for growth

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Witchcraft mystical magic elements.

Taylors Embodied Movement classes are unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Due to genetic health issues & past relationships, I've struggled with feeling at peace in my own skin. Taylor gently guides you to push your boundaries so you can experience a healthy mind-body connection. I've attended several of her classes, & while I still have much soul work to do, I can truly say that because of her guidance that I've never felt more comfortable with my physical body & spiritual self. There are no words to thank her enough for creating these classes! It's the therapy so many of us need but don't know exists."


Taylor makes you feel like you're a goddess inside of a goddesses body.

She teaches you to love your body and not be negative towards it. She helps you embrace yourself. This class uplifted me to feel more confident in myself. I was able to explore my bodys’ movement at my own level. She teaches you to do what feels right with your body. I left class honestly feeling way more connected to myself! And I can't wait to do another class!"


You made us feel free to express ourselves and our bodies,

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and that’s really special because this is not something you can do everywhere. Especially if you are a woman and especially if you are queer. It’s so good to know that there is a safe space for us out there where we can be ourselves and connect with each other. Thanks for that. Grateful for this beautiful experience!"


Do I have to have dance experience?

No, this is not a choreographed or

structured dance retreat. Its

accessible to anyone who can move their hips & spine comfortably. There will be a big emphasis on using sensual movement elements to tap into your sensuality

What is the food situation?

All food & drinks are provided but in an effort to keep the cost as accessible as possible- breakfast & lunch will be DIY while dinner will be prepared for you nightly. Please inform us with any allergies. (all vegetarian/vegan)

What is the itinerary?

I prefer to keep the specific details of the itinerary a mystery to make things as exciting and impactful as possible. That said, it is not a secret by any means. If those details are important in your decision making process please email me

How many spots are available?

My intention is to have a small group to keep the dynamic intimate. Community is a huge value of mine and keeping the group small gives everyone a chance to connect with each other personally. So there are only 8 spots available.

What do I need to bring with me?

Im a slut for details so I'll send out plenty of prep emails prior elaborating on this further. You are mostly expected to bring yourself, an open mind, knee pads, and a few outfits that make you feel like your best self.

What is the cancellation policy?

All payments/sign ups are non refundable so please keep this in mind upon signing up. Attendance is important as the weekend relies upon an even number of sign ups (expect some partner exercises) so your attendance is crucial if you commit to signing up.

What should I expect w/ partner exercises?

It will be a chance to witness & be witnessed by others. You'll be guided through exercises designed to challenge your comfort in being seen. You're not expected to touch/do anything you don't feel safe doing. Consent is a huge priority & will be discussed thoroughly. Communication will be mandatory.

Who is allowed to sign up?

This program is welcome to people of

marginalized genders, including women,

non-binary folks, & trans people of all genders who are curious about sensuality. If sharing your pronouns is important to you, please do.

Will you offer payment plans?

Yes, upon signing up you'll be prompted to pay a $500 deposit. Once that is paid I will email you with more payment plan options. Im offering either 2x or 3x payment plans with the rest due by September 30th. If its not we won't be able to move forward with your attendance & no refund will be given. I want this to be accessible while still maintaining respect for my time. If you need a more specific payment plan email me

You deserve to be in connection with your body,

You deserve to feel better in your body.

You deserve the confidence you crave.

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